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  • Divine Traces: Advertency

    From the Album Divine Traces (2019, QFTF)

    Advertency refers to a state of mind, typically aimed for in meditation.

    This composition is split into two parts, that are very different from each other - it tries to combine those two extremes:

    On the one hand there is the theme, a “head” in the jazz terminology that in fact originally derives from the chord changes of Cole Porters “From This Moment on” but in the key of F# minor - so an AABC form. It starts with a motivic displacement that evolves into a Schumann-esque outburst with a chromatic melody in the left hand. The B-section is an up-tempo Lennie Tristano-like line that then again, when changing register and adding pedal reminds me a bit of Schumann’s late works, at least the inspiration was there.

    On the other Hand, the intro and Improv-section is harmonically modal. A Bassline in the key of D-minor, that is six bars long and that, as we improvise, we variate and change. The section comes to life with a triplet feel from the drums that reminds of polymetrically African grooves. It’s about a body experience here – the dance, that makes the music more of a community experience and only feels good when we are aware and in touch with our feelings. Aiming for this experience is what made me give this composition the name Advertency.