• Solo

    Max’ solo repertoire includes original compositions, classical music and jazz standards. Since 2018 he is presenting a mixtape series in which he presents 20 minutes of solo piano music every second month and documents what he is working on. Read more about this under "reflections".
  • Trio

    The Max Petersen Trio is Max ' main project. Max has been active in this format since many years. The trio plays his original music. Their latest Album "Dream Dancing" was released in July 2016 on swiss Label "Unit Records". Find newer recordings online on Sound Cloud and YouTube!
  • Standards Trio

    Max' standards trio features Paul Amereller on drums, Xaver Rüegg on bass and Max on Piano. The trio focuses on jazzsongs and compositions by great american composers and songwriters of the 20th century.
  • Lukas Mantel Group: Mantis - Safari Music

    Lukas Mantel drums & composition Travis Reuter guitar Matthias Spillmann trumpet & flugelhorn Rafael Schilt tenor sax & clarinet Max Petersen fender Rhodes Lukas Traxel double bass
  • Cazzetta Petersen Duo

    Reminiscent of the guitar/piano-duo forefathers, Petersen and Cazzetta set out to explore a musical language, lyricism and blending of their very own; within the modern song and beyond. Aware of their vast jazz and classical music heritage. The original compositions of Cazzetta deliver the vehicles with which these boundaries of style and gesture are celebrated but also transcended - through foreign melodies, unconventional harmony or rhythm, among many other means- continually unfolding landscapes of sound yet to be heard, or felt.